Meghalaya or "The Abode of the Clouds" is one of the most breathtaking, grand, calm and spectacular states you will ever come across in your life. Be it the landscape or the atmosphere or the roads, Meghalaya is something that will enter your heart and stay there forever. There are innumerable tourist attractions in the state which forms its backbone. Some major tourist destinations are listed below.


      Also referred to as "The Scotland of the East,"" located in the heart of nature, this place is the capital of Meghalaya and offers you every experience that you can wish for. This place will surely quench your thirst for adventure and spike your adrenaline levels. If you have wanderlust in you there is no better place to feel pleased. A spectacular hill station in all its glory and essence, located between the Garo and Khasi hills, this place seems enchanting due to its huge caves, roaring waterfalls, azure lakes, gardens and much more. You must visit Shillongatleast once in your lifetime and we promise you won't regret it ever. The best time to visit Shillong is from September to May where you will be able to see and experience the most of Shillong.


      Mawsynram is one of the wettest places in the world. If you visit this place you will be mesmerized by the peace and serenity that abounds here. Do visit this place to have a firsthandexperience of one of the wettest places in the world.


      Also known as Sohra, this place is a high altitude town which is pristine, gifted with immense beauty and it successfully delights every tourist who lands up here. It caters to everyone who visitSohra and remains etched forever in their hearts. You can feast your eyes upon verdant gorges from MawdokDympep Valley View, observe living root bridges, roaring waterfalls which will never leave your attention. You can also go to Mawsmai Caves for a thrill in the spine. In this place you can ward off the city in you and be a part of nature which will definitely soothe your senses.


      The picturesque setting and the startling beauty of Jowai will amaze you for sure. It is located in the Jaintia Hills district and it balances nature and heritage in a very easy way. The main attractions of Jowai are KrangSuri, Tyrshi Falls, the Thadlaskein Lake, Lalong Park and much more.


      You visit Tura and you will be spellbound by its beauty and charm. This place is largely an unexplored town and hence here you will be at ease and your senses will be peaceful, away from the commotion of the city.Nokrek National park is the most popular attraction here which houses animals like the leopard, wild buffalo, golden cat, pheasant and many more. You may also visit the Rongbang Dar Falls and the Siju Caves or else your visit would be incomplete. Come over to this place for a quiet, peaceful holiday.

William Nagar

      Based on the plains of the Simsangriver, William Nagar was formed around the former town of Simsanggre.


      Apart from being rich in flora and fauna, Baghmara is also blessed with rivers, lakes and hills that make it a worth-seeing and must-see place.

Mawsmai Cave

      An amazing and mysterious cave which will give you chills in the spine with its confusing mazes,Mawsmai Cave is one of the most popular destinations among tourists. It is located just about 6km from Cherrapunjee so don’t miss it. Give your adrenaline a boost.

Nohkalikai Falls

      A pride of Meghalaya and one of the highest waterfalls in the world, the fall strikes awe in every eyes who set its eyes on it. It is really enchanting and magnificent. A must-see by all means.


      The clear waters of the river Umngot will surely take your breath away. Located between India and Bangladesh this place should be on your bucket list if you ever visit Meghalaya. Visit Dawki for a lifetime of memories.

Garo Hills

      Home to some great waterfalls, Garo hills form the west part of the state. Their people and culture are as beautiful and as enchanting as their state. Visit hem to have a glimpse of tribal culture and traditions.

Balapakram National Park

      At an elevation of about 3000ft the name literally means the "Land of Perpetual Winds." It is a famous park known for its beauty and diversity.

Nohsngithiang Falls

      One of the tallest falls in India, this place is a must-see for the nature lovers. Come here let the beauty of the place overwhelm you.

Kyllang Rock

      A part of Khasi folklore, this rock is a giant dome with a width around 1000ft. A mammoth sized granite which is 5400ft above sea level.

Umiam Lake

      A man-made reservoir which was formed due to a dam construction, this beautiful lake is a picnic spot and welcomes you when you enter Meghalaya. It is very popular among tourists who stop here to have some tea and a picture.


      Declared the 'cleanest village' in Asia, this village is famous for its matrilineal society. Come and witness the cleanliness and serenity of this village.

Jaintia Hills

      The unparalleled and incomparable beauty of Jaintia hills will surely hit you hard. A pristine patch of hillocks and forests, these hills are a treasure to the state. Its freshness and magic gets into you as you wander about to explore. The part of the erstwhile Jaintia kingdom is dotted with famous monoliths of stones.

Elephant Falls

      One of the most popular falls in the region, the name came from an elephant like stone at its foot. The majestic fall will surely overwhelm any onlooker who sets its eyes on it. It will fill you with peace and you can experience tranquility to the fullest.

Festivals of Meghalaya

Wangala Festival

      Held in the second week of November mainly by the Garo tribe, Wangala is a winter festival. It is held in Asanang village near Tura in the Garo Hills and is generally considered a post-harvest festival. Celebrated in honour of MisiSaljong, who is considered to be a generous giver, the village chief who is called Nokma performs rituals a day before the festival during which cooked rice, vegetables and freshly brewed rice beer are offered to MisiSaljong. Since the main attraction of the festival is music, Wangala is also called “100 Drum Wangala Festival.” Drums, orchestra and flutes offer a heart touching melody which sounds heavenly to the ears. The music creates an ambience which amplifies the festivities. Another attraction is the feathered head gear which is worn by everyone celebrating the festival.

Nongkrem Dance Festival

      Celebrated in the month of November every year by the Khasi tribe, this festival is a way of celebrating the harvest. Goats are sacrificed as a thanksgiving offering to Goddess KaBleiSynshar. The festival is a five day celebration in which men and women in interesting costumes perform tribal dance and this festival is held in Smit, about 15 km away from Shillong.