Hornbill festival is a 7 to 10 days festival that begins with great enthusiasm from 1st of December every year. It is a major festival in Nagaland which is named after a bird and related to agriculture. This festival is held in Kisama Heritage Village and attended by all the tribes of Nagaland. This is an ideal time to experience the vividness and richness of the Naga culture also strengthening the bond between the different tribes. The Kohima Night Bazaar and contests like pork eating contest add to the festive mood and the main attractions are the colourful headgear, the warrior log drums, exquisite costumes and the soulful war cry which make the festival grand and thoroughly enjoyable.

Hornbill Festival Camping Booking

Occupancy Amount (Rs.)
Single Occupancy 3650/- per person per night (Breakfast+ dinner)
Double Occupancy 2300/- per person per night (Breakfast+ dinner)
Tripple Occupancy 2480/- per person per night (Breakfast+ dinner)