Do you have the urge to travel? Or are you looking for the right company to handle your travel arrangements? It is very important to choose one to explore the optimum possibilities that are present in this region. North-East India is a paradise to explore the rich diversity, traditions, culture, breathtaking destinations and heart-warming hospitality and we are here to let you enjoy your valuable time to the last minute. Our agency, Wah Northeast, is based in Kaziranga, Assam and we promise to make your stay comfortable, memorable and blissful.

     This has been our very aim right from our inception, to serve the people and make their visit worthwhile and memorable. We have shared the joys of our clients and have tried to rectify our shortcomings as fast as we can. This has helped us grow over the years and we are hell bent to provide you the best deals at best prices. So what are you waiting for? Come over and let us take a stroll in this majestic and bountiful paradise. We specialize in Northeast expeditions and provide the best packages for educational tours, leisure tours, weekend tours, corporate tours, jungle tours and pilgrimage tours. Wah Northeast is an unit of Seven Sisters Tours & Travels which is recognized and approved by the Assam Tourism, Govt. of Assam.

     Another striking characteristic of our agency is that we have never provided false commitment to our guests and take pride in saying that we are the best service providers in North-East India. We cater to the needs of all and sundry and our packages cover a wide variety of economic disparity ranging from affordable, balanced packages to elite packages. Our team of experts will make sure to take your happiness to its zenith and provide packages as per our clients desire. Our aim is not only providing excellent service but also to promote North-East India nationally as well as globallyso that people from all parts of the world can have a glimpse of The Incredible North-East with its rich heritage of culture, traditions and bio-diversity.

     Wah Northeast is always ready to be of any service to you, worshipping our work and believing in the principle of "Atithi-Devo-Bhawah"


      Our mission is to create ideal packages for our clients in which they rediscover their connections with nature, friends, family or colleagues and most importantly, with their own self and to foster in them a sense of love and compassion and nurture their souls for spiritual growth.


      To cater to the needs of everyone and create professional and individually personalized options of travel according to the desires, needs and economic and financial situations of our clients so that we can Work Together and Grow Together.


      To promote North-East India globally so that people from all over the world come to know of this region which is greatly blessed with rich resources and a very beautiful culture, not to forget its rich bio-diversity of flora and fauna..

A Tale of Friendship and Adventure

      They say travelling is a way to explore the inner self. But little did they knew once that they would end up being best friends and best guides to each other through exploring different places of the North East part of India.Merry, Chiranjita and Anwesha, students of Tourism management, IT and MBA, respectively, on an warm evening decided to travel, explore and learn the more they could and nothing better they could pick except Northeast. That seemed bizarre, "how come can three girls travel alone!" others said; but they knew, that spur of adventure would change their lives, their perspectives.

      Merry while tried to capture the blue of the streams they came across, the dancing of colors of evening skies, the green of plants, the golden of paddies and of those people they met with some they made memories, from some inspiration to move forward; there Chiranjita and Anwesha lived through every moment and tried to capture the same through words and paintings.

     "Phew! It has been 4 years", Merry felt her teary eyes looking at those pictures she clicked during their Bon Voyage around the corners of North East India. Yeah! 4 years have passed since these free souls got separated on their own paths to build their careers. Since then what they are holding up to is the memories they built, learning they learnt and voids in their hearts; voids of yearning, voids of losing the selves.

     "Enough is enough!" Merry mumbled and typed to her best buddies "Let's go back to where we started. Remember! How happy we were when we had nothing but courage and dreams, we had to save for each trip we took, each place we visited, still at the end of the day, we were so happy; we could feel the bright starry nights as if stars were sparkling only for us. Let's live through them again and let us give others the opportunity of living through the beauty of the North-East what we once lived in". "How come you have decoded my mind at once, Merry? Yeah! Let's do it. Let's bring back those lights and bright smiles once used to be our jewels." Chiranjita replied.

     "Hurrah! Let's name it 'Wah Northeast'! “After going through the conversations of Merry and Chiranjita, Anwesha proposed. She was the happiest at that moment, so were Merry and Chiranjita.